Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF) Charter

1. Name
The federation is to be known as the Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF)

2. Objectives
Consisting of a non-profit organization formed by a federation of related logistics organizations in the countries of Asia and the Pacific, the APLF is to be established as a forum in which members may meet and interact with one another to work towards the goal of creating a better, more efficient logistics systems and to thereby contribute of the greater development of the Asian-Pacific region and the international economy as a whole.

3. Activities
In order to reach the objectives detailed in the article above, the APLF will perform the following activities
1) Hold general assemblies at least once every two years.
2) Promote cooperation between members in education and training activities.
3) Introduce and dispatch persons capable of acting as speakers or chairpersons at international
    conferences and other assemblies.
4) Gather and provide information on and for member nations
5) Sponsor international conferences to be held alternately in each of the member nations.
6) Perform all other related work to attain the above objectives.

4. Membership
The number of official APLF member organizations per country is to be restricted to one organization per country. Note, however, that exception may be made for organizations formerly holding membership in the FAPLO or APLMF . Note that the term organization as it is used here refers to any and all non-profit organizations involved in logistics work in the nation in question.

All organizations from APLF member nations are to select a single person to act as representative of their organization. Note that in the event that the official representative of a given organization is unable to attend an APLF conference, the organization in question may name an alternate representative to attend in his or her place.

5. Director
The APLF is to appoint a single chairman and three vice-chairman to serve as directors of the organization.

6. Chairman
The chairman of the APLF is to serve as the representative of the organization and as the chairman of all general assemblies. Note that the chairman is to be elected through a vote by the general assembly, with the term of service to be set at two years and no limit to be placed on the number of terms of service.

7. Vice-chairman
The vice-chairman are to serve as assistants to the chairman of the APLF, and in the event that the chairman is unable to serve in his capacity as chairman of the general assembly, they are to serve as his representative in his capacity, with the line of succession be determined in advance. Note that the vice-chairman shall be elected in the same manner as the chairman of the APLF, and their terms of service are to be subject to the same restrictions.

8. Secretariat and general secretary
The secretariat of the APLF is to be located in the country of the APLF chairman. A member from the organization representing this country is to serve as general secretary of the secretariat, with the authority of the general secretary to be granted under the power of the general assembly.

9. Nature of conferences and the calling of same
All conferences called by the APLF are to consist of a general assembly of all its members, with the authority to call conferences belonging to the chairman of the APLF.

10. General assembly
The general assembly is to act as the highest decision-making body of the APLF, and it is to consist of meetings attended by representatives named by each of the APLF member organizations.

A general assembly is to be held at least once every two years, with the location of the general assembly to be determined by the acting APLF chairman.

When the chairman or a majority of the member organizations deem it necessary to have a special meeting of the APLF general assembly, such a meeting may be called.

Notices of upcoming general assemblies must be sent to all APLF members by the general secretary 60 days or more in advance of the opening of these general assemblies, with these notices to be accompanied by a description of the items to be discussed during the assembly.

In voting during general assemblies, each member organization is to be given one vote.

Any letters of proxy are to be drawn up in accordance with a predetermined format and they must be presented to the chairman before the opening of the assembly.

11. Items to be discussed and decided upon at general assemblies
The following items are to be discussed and decided upon at general assemblies:
1) Policies and plans regarding APLF activities
2) The election and dismissal of APLF directors.
3) The admission of new members and the resignation of existing members.
4) Modification to the APLF charter.
5) Any other matters deemed to be of importance to the APLF.

12. Voting and quorums required for assembly
A quorum consisting of a simple majority of all APLF members (including any representative of regular members) must be in attendance to conduct a general assembly, and decisions on all propositions put before the assemblies are to be made with the assent of simple majority of all the members in attendance. In the event that equal numbers of members vote for and against a given proposition, the chairman will be empowered to make the final decision.

Note that a two-thirds majority of all members in attendance will be required for making decisions on moves to modify this charter or to dissolve the APLF.

13. Restrictions and duties
Membership in the APLF is in no way to be understood as imposing any kind of restrictions or duties upon individual members.

14. Funding
The APLF is to have no funds of its own, and all costs incurred in the holding of general assemblies and in the performance of APLF-sponsored activities are to be borne separately by individual member-country organizations.

15. Working year
The working year of the APLF is to extend from 1 April to 31 March of each year.

[Additional provisions]
This charter is to take effect beginning on the day of the founding of the APLF. (November 17, 1995)
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