2014 Mar - PISM

APLF support PISM Annual Conference
27th-28th March 2014 in Manila

Conference Location: SMX Convention Center, Manila, Philippines


APLF members support the APLF Philippine Chapter, PISM "22nd Supply Link"

The conference and exhibition was a tremendous success with more than 300 members of the PISM network joining the conference. The event was supported and well attended by delegates from USA, Sri Lanka, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries.

It is a two day high power conference and exhibition in Manila featuring top notch speakers from the industry.

At the same time, APLF have a record number of total 22 delegates which achieved the APLF Certified Logistics and Supply Professional - Asia Pacific (CLSP-AP) qualifications as the attached photo shows. The following persons were awarded the CLSP-AP during the networking lunch in Manila:


Ricky Sison (SOFSM-PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Mark Skipper (SCLAA) awarded CLSP-AP


Edward Ty (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Mariel Zamora (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Rhena Tan (SIMM) awarded CLSP-AP


Ma. Gracia Alcaneses (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Alicia Pascual (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Rhea Pabustan (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Lourdes Guzman (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


James Tian (Salvation Army -SIMM member) awarded CLSP-AP


Erwin Dennis Lacson (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Edwin Constantino (PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Lorie Ligot (SOFSM-PISM) awarded CLSP-AP


Highlights of the event:


There are many professional speakers in the Asia Pacific region who shared topics on:

"Future Trends in enhancing Competitive Advantage in Supply Management"


APLF would also like further congratulate Mr. Ricardo Joaquin V. Sison (President, SOFM, ex-President of PISM) for being awarded the Gawad SINOP Award . The Gawad SINOP Award recognizes and pays tribute to supply management professionals with excellent performance and corporations that have shown exemplary contributions to the development the uplift the supply management profession. It is considered the highest honor given to professionals who has contributed in the industry.


APLF members from Singapore and Australia spoke on the following topics.

(i) SIMM, Mr Roger Lee spoke on the topic of "Using IOT in the Supply and Logistics Chain for competitive advantage"
(ii) Ms Rhena Tan, SIMM from Singapore spoke on the topic of "Negotiations Strategies for Supply Executives"
(iii) Mr James Tian, SIMM-Salvation Army Singapore spoke on the topic of "Strategies for a non profit organisation using Salvation Army as a case example"
(iv) Mr Mark Skipper from SCLAA (Australia) spoke on the topic: "Green Logistics and the reduction of power utilities for the logistics industry"

Special thanks to the host, PISM

The APLF members thank the host, PISM President, Ms Mario Zamora and her team for the wonderful workshops and great hospitality.

The conference ends with a high note, ie. PISM organised a great musical dinner and dance performance. The energetic live band and saxophone performance by the Taiwanese and Philippines members were appreciated and applauded by the audience.

The audience were truly inspired by the rich domain knowledge of the speakers, and they are looking forward to another Supply Link workshop in the year 2015!

Additional information:

- View event photo highlights.

- View event itinerary.

Reported by Mr. Roger Lee dated 15th April 2014.

APLF support PISM Annual Conference
27th-28th March 2014 in Manila

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