2015 Nov - SMIT

APLF Support for Taiwan, SMIT Annual Conference
27th -28th Nov 2015 in Taipei


APLF members support the APLF, Taiwan Chapter, SMIT Annual Conference

The conference was a tremendous success with more than 300 members of the SMIT network joining the conference.


Highlights of the event:


The APLF VIP for the event was: Mr He Liming, the Chairman of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP).


Mr He Liming shared with the audiences the progression of logistics in China, and also how China is setting the human talent capital in China for the logistics and supply chain industry.


The various APLF associations have also contributed in speaking at various slots of the conference.


There are four executives who were certified as "Certified Logistics and Supply Professional (Asia Pacific)" awarded by APLF by Mr He Liming (Vice-Chairman, APLF) and Mr Roger Lee (SIMM, Vice-Chairman, APLF)

(i) Name: Mr James Hsu (SMIT Board)
(ii) Name: Mr K. C. Chou (SMIT Board)
(iii) Name: Mr Terry Lee (SMIT Board)
(iv) Name: Mr Anil Ponweera (ISMM, Ex-President)



Special thanks to the host, SMIT

The APLF members including Mr He Liming thank the hosts of SMIT for a great hospitality to all the senior delegates of SMIT, especially to Mr James Hsu and Mr Steve Lai.

Additional information:

- View event photo highlights.

- View event itinerary.

Reported by Mr. Roger Lee dated 15th Dec 2015.

APLF Support for Taiwan, SMIT Annual Conference
27th -28th Nov 2015 in Taipei

2015 SMIT Annual Conference


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