Annual General Meeting 2015

APLF Council Meeting 2015
Melbourne, Australia (25th - 26th May 2015)

Sun 25 May 2015
All day APLF members arrive Melbourne
Mon 26 May 2015
9 am - 4pm


Location: Melbourne, RMIT University, Board Room, Building No:13
Host: Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA)

Welcome speech:

(a) Welcome speech by HOST of meeting: SCLAA, Mr David Rogers and Mr Mark Skipper.
(b) Welcome by APLF, Current Chairman, Mr He Liming, Chairman of APLF, welcome members attending the meeting in Melbourne.

APLF Certification endorsement

The APLF members endorsed the APLF Certification.


New members for APLF

The APLF members endorsed increased membership in countries such as: Australia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Myanmar to APLF.


Newly elected members for new term:

The APLF members endorsed the following new elected members for 2015-2017 The following members were unanimously selected to serve in the committee:

Chairman:    SCLAA
Vice Chairman:    CFLP
Vice Chairman:    JILS
Vice Chairman:    SIMM


The present Chairmanship by SCLAA will commence for two years: that is,
     Year 1: Jan 2015 - Dec 2015
     Year 2: Jan 2016 - Dec 2017


Vice Chairmanship:
     Year 1: Jan 2015 - Dec 2015
     Year 2: Jan 2016 - Dec 2017


The next Chairmanship if elected will serve from: Jan 2018 - Dec 2019 (two years).


Approval of new membership (Associate member)

As all the countries welcome the approval of the associate membership, it was unanimously endorsed by the committee.

The objective of the associate membership is to ensure awareness of APLF and also support the individual countries' associations to enlarge their own membership base.

For those companies or individuals who wants to be associate members, the approval must come from the member countries:


All membership fees will be paid to country association.


The duration of the associate membership depends on the country association duration.


For associate member who are students: it shall highlight (Associate Member, Student)


For associate member who are individuals: it shall highlight (Associate Individual Member)


For associate member who is a member, it shall highlight (Associate Member, Corporate)


Driving APLF new vision and mission: Presented by David Rogers (SCLAA)

David Rogers (SCLAA) have presented a new vision and mission for APLF which the APLF committee had endorsed fully. Please view here.


Survey of Logistics costs of Asia Pacific

Members agreed to the survey to highlight the individual countries logistics cost index.

This will serve as a benchmark for all the countries to capture the logistics cost in the Asia Pacific region. All members endorsed the survey of logistics costs index.


Date of next APLF meeting in Tokyo 2016

(a) The committee members had agreed to support JILS in the next meeting in 2016.

Agenda for APLF meeting in Tokyo

(i) On 13th Sept 2016 evening JILS welcome dinner to members.
(ii) On 14th Sept 2016, APLF meeting commences.
Location: Tokyo, Big Sight Exhibition Hall.


Conclusion: Closing remarks by Immediate Past Chairaman and Current Chairman

Past Chairman: Mr He Liming (CFLP) and Current Chairman, David Rogers (SCLAA)

(a) Both Chairmen agreed are glad that all members had endorsed SCLAA strategic direction for APLF in the future growth of APLF.
(b) Both Chairmen wish that APLF will have a concrete vision and the new roadmap will augurs well for the growth of APLF.
(c) Both Chairmen looked forward to the growth of new chapter members into the APLF.

The meeting closed at 4:00pm

Remarks: The above minutes are for general public view.

For details of the confidential minutes, approved members will need to contact:


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