2015 June - PISM

APLF support PISM Annual Conference
18th-19th June 2015 in Manila

Conference Location: Marriott Hotel, Pasay City, Manila, Philippines


APLF members support the APLF Philippine Chapter, PISM "23rd Supply Link"

The conference and exhibition was a tremendous success with more than 300 members of the PISM network joining the conference.


Highlights of the event:


The VIP speaker for the conference is Mr. Bo Sanchez who is the best-selling author, entrepreneur, preacher and lay minister in the Philippines. He is known as the "Preacher in Blue Jeans". MrBo Sanchez shared with the audience to power of giving and to be able to love those who do not love you. It was an inspiring session for those who had attended.


There are many professional speakers in the Asia Pacific region who shared topics on:

"Developing Extraordinary Leaders in Supply Management"


The various APLF association members have also contributed in speaking at various slots of the conference.

(i) Mr Roger Lee (SIMM) spoke on "Supply Chain Excellence Framework "
(ii) Ms Rhena Tan (SIMM) spoke on "Best Supply Chain Practices with Sustainability"
(iii) Mr Steve Lai (SMIT) spoke on "Innovative Supply Chain Talent"
(iv) Mr Mark Millar (HKLA) spoke on "Developing ASEAN Logistics Network"

Special thanks to the host, PISM

The APLF members thank the host, PISM President, Mr Edwin Constantino and his team for the wonderful workshops and great hospitality.

The audience were truly inspired by the rich domain knowledge of the speakers, and they are looking forward to another Supply Link workshop in the year 2016!

Additional information:

- View event photo highlights.

- View event itinerary.

Reported by Mr. Roger Lee dated 15th July 2015.

APLF support PISM Annual Conference
18th-19th June 2015 in Manila


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