China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)

China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP), the first social organization of logistics industry in China, was established in Beijing and approved by the State Council. CFLP comes from the China Society of Materials Economy established in 1980, the China Logistics Research Institute established in 1984, the China Association of Materials Circulation established in 1995, and the name now in Beijing in April 2001.

The main missions of CFLP are to push the development of logistics industry in China, to boost the development of procurement business of the government and enterprises, to assume the tasks commissioned by government. The government authorizes CFLP some functions of the foreign affairs, science and technology, trade statistics and standards drafting & revising, etc.

As Chinese representatives of the Asian-Pacific Logistics Federation (APLF) and the International Federation of Purchasing and Materials Management (IFPMM), CLFP is playing active role and wildly cooperating with counterparts in many countries.

Now CFLP take role of vice chairman of APLF.

Address: No.25, Yuetan North Street, Beijing
Phone: 86 10 6839 1416


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